Visit the Family Dentist to Solve Generational Problems

Family DentistAs a family dentist, we get excited about healthy teeth and seeing our patients smile. As we work with generations of families, we have learned that the ability to make our patients smile (and like what they see) is extremely rewarding. Whether it is an older member of the family trying on new dentures for the first time, and realizing that they can chew and speak properly, or a younger member seeing perfectly straight teeth after braces, those are the moments that are special to us as a family dentist. As a dentist for multiple generations, we can establish a rapport with everyone in the family from your kids to the grandparents.  Doing so allows us to have an inside look into health history and make more educated recommendations, as a result.

Since we treat generations of people within the family, we can identify trends in oral health, good habits, and bad habits then respond by helping the young ones stay healthy.  For example, if grandpa and mom both had early tooth loss, we can focus our attention on the health of the gums and take steps to preserve the natural teeth. Our advice is best when we understand the family history.

In addition to preventative care, there are a number of reasons why people come to our family dentist office beyond the annual checkups and cleanings. These common problems occur with most families. Some of them are –

  • Cavities: Cavities are an extremely common occurrence, especially among younger members of the family. Cavities are caused by plaque that builds up on the teeth. The plaque, which occurs naturally in food, sticks to the teeth and secretes acid. The acid attacks the enamel of the teeth and eventually eats away at it until a small hole formed. This is known as a cavity. The good news is that cavities are easy to avoid. With brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing on a regular basis, and visiting us for cleanings a couple of times a year, you can virtually avoid cavities altogether. 
  • Tooth sensitivity: Tooth sensitivity affects millions of people each year. Typically it is a sign that you have an underlying problem with an infection or that your enamel has worn down. Sensitivity will usually occur when your tooth is exposed to heat, cold, or excessive sweet but sometimes it may be more severe leading to pain from exposure to just air. Coming in to see your family dentist is always a good idea when you are having mild tooth sensitivity because traditionally the pain will not go away on its own. 

The last reason, why people tend to come in to see us, is if they have a dental emergency. As a family dentist, we have seen a lot of different dental emergencies, from lost teeth at a game to toothaches that will not go away. We always recommend you call us if you are having an emergency so that we can give you tips on pain management while you make your way in.